Kissing Summer Goodbye #OOTD

We are one day away from Labor Day weekend and for many their weekend festivities have already begun!  As much as I am dreading to let go of summer we are approaching that day sooner and sooner.  Since the weather has been so iffy here in NYC for these last two weeks or so I haven’t been able to fully thoroughly enjoy my last days of summer.  Meaning no shorts, t-shirts, or pool time, MERP!  Thank goodness for Mother Nature pulling through last weekend and giving us at least one warm day because I purchased a cute new top that needed to be worn.  Thankfully it was warm enough to wear and I couldn’t wait to show you guys how I styled it!  Check out my kissing summer goodbye outfit!

I recently fell in love with this top when I seen Christine from the Bargin Belle wearing it a few weeks ago and I knew I just had to have it!  Plus I never owned any off the shoulder tops before so this was my chance!  Everything Im wearing is super affordable and would be within anyone’s budget!   Interested in this outfit?!  Find out where you can purchase everything below!








What are you planning on wearing this weekend to say goodbye to summer?! Let me know in the comments down below!

Love always,

Mascara in the City

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