Beginners Guide to Getting Eyelash Extensions.

If you are like me with little to no eye lashes what so ever you dream of always having longer lashes that might one day sprout overnight and one morning you will wake up with gorgeous, long, luxurious lases.  Back to reality that will never happen! LOL.  So instead us girls need to do the nitty gritty by putting on falsies, 19 layers of mascara and even going to lengths of putting on extensions.  Which was my weapon of choice since its little maintenance and so much easier than the other two I mentioned LOL!

The location I went to go get my lashes done was called Extended Eyelash!


Keep reading down below to check out my whole eyelash experience!


This was the front desk reception area as soon as you walk into the building.  You are greeted by two lovely ladies who will ask for your name since it is by appointment only, and they will get consult with you on what types of lashes, length, and curl you want for your lashes.



They do have about 9-10 lash stations setup so they can do multiple people at once.  I like this because not everyone comes in all at once and it was never busy or crowded while I was there.  They also give you cute little bins to put all your belongings in that goes right under your lash station.


If you are thirsty they offer refreshing beverages like coffee, tea or water.  All the way to the left if you come with your eye makeup still on they provide makeup wipes to take off whatever you have.


They offer 4 different types of lashes like mink or silk, and even 3D.  The price differs on the type of lash plus how many lashes you want.  I personally did the silk premium but I am not too sure how many lashes I got in total.


Next you choose the thickness you want for your lashes, the curl and what type of shape you would like.  I wanted a falsies all the time look so I went with the .20 thickness, C curl and I chose round for the desired shape.  The reception desk worked with my consultant on how many millimeters in length the lashes should be I think I got 10-12 milliliters for these lashes.


This was my consultant who did my lashes this day!  They also offered me a foot massage for during my lash experience but I politely declined because I had sandals on, and walking around the city + work all day explains it all LOL!  The consultant told me it would take about an hour to finish so I should just lay down and relax.  They cover you and before you know it you are sleeping peacefully for an hour!


These are my lashes before my consultation.


They put these covers under your eyes to keep your eye lids slightly open so its easier to apply the individual lashes.  Check out some videos that I was able to capture below!

Ready for what after looks like?!


This is how they came out after! I love them!


Long, luxurious and I wake up like this every morning!


These lashes last about 3-4 weeks and you must get them refilled if you want to keep them going.  They recommend refills every 2-3 weeks.  Price varies depending on the lash you chose.  They recommend not getting your lashes wet for 24 hours after application so the glue dries well.


5 Things I Learned Getting Eyelash Extensions:

  1. I found my eyes twitching as I was getting my lashes done because technically your eyes are open!
  2. There are so many different looks you can go for how can you just choose only one?!
  3. There is a lot of upkeep and money in involved if this is something you are going to stick with every 2-3 weeks.
  4. Not putting on mascara everyday, and attempting to put on false lashes is amazing, and saves so much time to do other things in the morning  when getting ready.
  5.  They are worth every penny! They change up your whole look + has made me more confident now that I have longer lashes!

I am obsessed with them and so happy that I dont need to wake up and put mascara on anymore!! Ive had little fall out in the last 5 days but that is normal and its not major where you can notice that a few fell out.  I want to keep these going as long as possible so I will be going again to get my lashes done soon!


If you are in NYC or the tri-state surrounding area then I definitely recommend for you go to check out Extended Eyelash and go get some extensions put on you will not be disappointed I promise!

Love always,

Mascara in the City

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Extended Eyelash has invited to me to their location to give me this experience complimentary, for reviewing purposes. All opinions stated are unbiased and my own, thank you.


9 thoughts on “Beginners Guide to Getting Eyelash Extensions.

  1. Aaw this looks great. I always think about eyelash extensions but I’ve not found a place I think looks great to do them. It must be so nice no mascara etc☺ If I’m ever in NYC I know where to go xx


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