Fall Finds for Under $60

You know when you get a shopping urge and it just needs to be fulfilled so bad?  If you don’t fill it by buying something you just have this weird void where you just need to buy something to fill it?  Does anyone else get this or is it just me?  Well I had this urge/void feeling on Sunday and I knew it was probably a bad idea to go shopping but I did it anyway!  I decided I was going to go to New York and Company to buy dress pants for work and somehow I ended up in Nordstrom Rack (Don’t ask me how that happened, I don’t even know LOL!).  And to my surprise they had so much good stuff + a lot of good stuff on clearance, and I got one amazing outfit for only $60!! I know only $60!!!!! How?!! I don’t even know but look at all the goodies I got on Sunday!  PS. I’m quite proud of my shopping success this weekend too!


What a steal am I right?!  This is the perfect transition sweater form going to season to season.  This sweater/tee comes in two colors grey stone and I have it in dark rose.  I am seriously obsessed with this top and I will be over using this one aha!


I’ve been on the hunt for a while for a cute pair of dark jeans and I finally found it!  I’ve always had really good luck with jeans until recently I can never find the perfect fitting pair + I refuse to pay more then $45 for a pair of jeans, sorry!  So when I came across these I knew they were immediately love at first sight!


  • Nordstrom Rack Fringe Boots $17.99

Yes! I only paid $17,99 for these adorable fringe boots!! (Thank you clearance!)  I cant even believe I found such a steal!  Unfortunately these boots are no where to found on Nordstrom Rack’s website Im assuming maybe they were left over from last season?  But I found some comparable affordable ones down below.



These sunnies I only paid $12.99 for on Amazon and they are my fav + only pair I have been wearing this summer and will continue to rock them during the fall too.  Direct link to these beauties I right above!

Have you had any successful Nordstrom Rack shopping trips?! Or successful shopping trip at your favorite bargain store? Let me know down below!

Love always,

Mascara in the City

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