High End Skincare Sample Share

​Remember last month I did that Origins Maskimizer Review?!  Well I am back and starting to test out the rest of those 9 million samples I have collected over time.  I have all different samples from makeup, perfume and skincare which is going to be the topic for today’s post.  Today I decided to do a two in one skincare sample post since I did use two so check them out down below!


Cute little boomerang I put up on my Instagram page to figure out which mask I was going to test out this night.

The first sample I started off with is the Nude Dextox Gentle Powder Wash because you cant put a mask on your face without cleaning your face first am I right?! 

Nude Skincare Detox Brightening Fizzy Powder Wash

  • A brightening and refining effervescent powder treatment wash with multiple sources of vitamin C, enzymes and rose hip seeds.

Ok, so when I received this sample a long time ago from Sephora they were still selling this brand and for some reason if you go on their website they only have one item from Nude Skincare and Im not too sure why.  But, I have fell in love with this cleanser plus anything that says brightening immediately draws in my attention.  It first comes out of the packet as powder, you wet it a drop then rub it on your face and you get this this awesome fizzy face wash.  Love how the fizzy felt on my face + my skin felt amazing once it was washed off.

Next it was mask time!


FRESH Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Face Mask

  • Get glowing skin instantly with Fresh Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Face Mask. This powerhouse treatment improves the skin’s radiance and glow by 31 percent after one use, and by 49 percent after four weeks of use. The revolutionary formula is powered by 50 percent real crushed citrus fruits including oranges, lemons, and clementines, naturally containing AHA fruit acids that work to gently refine and smooth the skin.

I had no idea that this mask was going to be chunky and that I would have chunks of citrus all over my face LOL but it was worth the funny feeling!  It smelt great but was a little tough to maneuver around the face.  I left the mask on for about 20 minutes before washing it off and washing it off became a pain in the tush because I had orange, and lemon chunks everywhere, but still worth it and Ill tell you why.  After this mask my skin felt and looked so different,  You are going to think I’m nuts but after one time it worked.  I LOVE the way my skin felt after this mask I wish I had more to do every night.  This skincare mask does come with a hefty price tag of $62 so if your not up to spending that then I would put it on your Christmas wish list for Santa you wont be disappointed!

More of these sample posts will be coming soon and I premise I will be mixing it up more instead of killing you guys with my skincare sample posts!

What is your favorite skincare cleanser or mask?  Let me know in the comments below!


Love always,

Mascara in the City

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