The Perfect Cold Shoulder For Fall 🍂

With this weather not making up its mind if I wants to be warm or chilly it’s always good to be prepared for both.  Cold shoulder sweaters are perfect for transitioning with the weather this season and staying chic at the same time.  They are good for staying warm when it does get chilly, and they are good for keeping cool with the exposed shoulders for a breeze to get through if needed LOL!!   I bought this cold shoulder top last year but really haven’t wore it or used it till now.  It has definitely come in handy and I will definitely be buying more!  Check out full outfit details down below!


I bought this cold shoulder sweater from Charlotte Russe last year for about $24.99 which is the perfect price for an adorable sweater.  I couldn’t find the same exact one but check out some of my favorites down below that are similar:


I have been loving Nordstrom Rack lately & their jeans!  I never realized how much good stuff they really do have! 


  • Nordstrom Rack Fringe Boots $17.99

Yes! I only paid $17,99 for these adorable fringe boots!! (Thank you clearance!)  I cant even believe I found such a steal!  Unfortunately these boots are no where to found on Nordstrom Rack’s website Im assuming maybe they were left over from last season?  But I found some comparable affordable ones down below.


These sunnies I only paid $12.99 for on Amazon and they are my fav + only pair I have been wearing this summer and will continue to rock them during the fall too.  Direct link to these beauties I right above!

What are some good fall finds you have found this season & where did you find them? Let me know down below in the comments!

Love always,

Mascara in the City

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5 thoughts on “The Perfect Cold Shoulder For Fall 🍂

  1. Gorgeous outfit, girl! I can’t wait to break out the sweaters and boots for Fall! I always forget about Nordstrom Rack. Must make a visit soon! Thanks for sharing, pretty lady!


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