Favorite Scents For Fall

This has to be my favorite topic to talk about because I just love perfumes so much!  I love that we have certain scents for certain times of the year.  I do also find myself wearing some scents year round because why not?!  But as we approach closer and closer to fall (literally days from it Sept 22nd to be exact) I find myself changing up the perfumes that I have been wearing.  I usually go for a sweet warm vanilla smell but lately I have reaching for more of a woodsy, yet still sweet and warm type of scent.  Ready to find out what perfumes I’ve been wearing +loving lately?!  Keep reading down below.


Jo Malone London English Oak & Hazelnut Cologne $65-135

This is part of Jo Malone’s new English Oak collection and I seriously cant enough.  They sent out two little samples to their customers about a month ago and I have been obsessed ever since!  The cool thing about Jo Malone’s colognes/perfumes they can be layered which brings me to my next scent!

red curr

Jo Malone London English Oak & Redcurrant Cologne $65-135

I also got this sample with the first sample below and this is the second smell to this new collection.  Since Jo Malone is all about layering I decided to mix these two smells together.  The smell that these two perfumes made was an amazing aroma that literally makes me want to sniff myself all day long LOL I cant even begin to start to explain what the smell is, thats how amazing it is.  The red currant had a fruity floral smell and the hazelnut perfume is a woodsy smell, and they just make beautiful music together!


Marc Jacobs Decadence $87

This is a super warm fragrance that is filled with Italian Plum, Bulgarian Rose, Jasmine Sambac, and Liquid Amber.  Its just a very woodsy and luxurious smell.  I only tend to wear this in this fall because it just works out so much better this way.  When I do wear it I usually try to wear it lightly, and not too often because the smell gets to me quite quickly and winds up giving me a headache.  But I’m hooked!  Its one of my favorite fall perfumes!


HERMÈS Terre d’Hermès $119

I came across this perfume last year in Sephoras holiday book for 2016 and it was an instant hit!  Another woodsy perfume (insert eye roll here) but this woodsy perfume has a lot of hints of fruit + citrus so its not to overbearing and kind of reminds me of winter.  But I love a perfume that lasts all day!  This one a little also goes along way so you dont need to spray a million times and kill the people around you.  Another perk of this perfume is that it is great for men and woman alike!


Chloe Eau De Parfum Spray $89-112

I actually had the pleasure of winning this perfume from one of Dave Lackies great giveaways.  That man is always giving away something amazing I swear!  If you have no idea who Im talking about then you seriously need to go check him out because he will change your life LOL he is actually the editor of Cityline and works with such amazing brands. Anyway,  I was so excited to win this perfume because I always loved Chloe perfumes but never owned any!  This Chloe perfume is actually their signature scent and it is filled with all floral’s!  But not an overbearing floral scent its more light and just the perfect hint of flower.  As this may not be a “fall” perfume per say this is my all year round perfume that I always find myself wearing!

I hope you enjoyed my favorite scents for fall!  Let me down below in the comments what your favorite scents are recently?! I would love to know!

Love always,

Mascara in the City

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4 thoughts on “Favorite Scents For Fall

  1. Well, these are way out of my price range, but I think I would like the oak and hazelnut perfume, from the way you described it! Like you mentioned, my normal fragrance tends to be a brown sugar vanilla scent, but I also like Tabu and some of the soft musk scents.


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