All Time Favorite + Affordable Sunnies 🕶

Just because today is the first day of fall does not mean I’m throwing in the bin on my sunglasses. I tend to wear my sunglasses all year round no matter if it’s sunny or cloudy (I know so weird!).  But today I wanted to show you guys some of my favorite sunglasses that I have been wearing all summer long and will continue to wear for all the seasons to come.

Some of these sunnies are named brand, some are not.  Some were bought online, in-store, or received them complimentary.  All of these sunnies are my favorite and depending on the type of mood I’m in that day will determine which pair I wear.  The best part about all these pairs of sunnies is that none of them are more then $50!.

Starting from the very top is my favorite and my only pair of Marc Jacobs sunglasses.  I purchased these for $50 in Solstice about 2 years ago.  I couldn’t find the exact same pair because it was so long ago but here a very similar pair for $10 cheaper right now!

Marc by Marc Jacobs 433 Round Sunglasses $39

The second pair from the top down is a pair of Guess sunglasses that I found in Marshall’s for only $16.99 (BARGAIN ALERT!!!).  Marshall’s always has the best prices on affordable sunglasses, every single time.  You also find such good name brands, and cool designs like these square ones.  Im always up to trying new and different looks when it comes to my sunnies.  Unfortunately, Marshalls doesn’t have a website for anyone to purchase anything, and you basically have to go into the store with your fingers crossed hoping you find the same exact sunnies.  But these can be found on Nordstroms website.

GUESS Women’s Square Injected Frame Sunglasses $29.97

The third pair of sunglasses which are classic aviator glasses are no name, no brand sunglasses. I would like to think I got these at Primark? If I’m not mistaken and they were around $5.99.  Because I have not a clue, here are some similar ones!

FOREVER 21 Gradient Aviator Sunglasses $5.95

New York & Co Color Mirror Aviator Sunglasses $7.47

FOREVER 21 Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses $7.90

The fourth pair of sunnies have to be my #1 favorite lately because I have been wearing them, and over wearing them!  These gorgeous mirrored sunnies I received complimentary from SOJOS because I first bought the very last pair Im about to show you guys from them, and they seen how obsessed I was. (THANK YOU SOJO VISION)  These adorable sunnies are on Amazon and they are only $12.99 (BARGAIN ALERT!!)

SojoS Sunglasses UV Protection Round Frame Sun Glasses SJ2034 $12.91

And the very last gorgeous silver pair is also from SOJO.  This is the pair that I originally purchased from them to take with me on vacation to DR, and I am literally obsessed.  This is another pair that I am constantly wearing and using.  I love how affordable this brand is + if you have Amazon Prime you receive your glasses in only 2 days.

SojoS Cat Eye Mirrored Flat Street Fashion Metal Frame Sunglasses SJ1001 $12.99

What are your favorite sunglasses?! And I would love to know how many you have?!  Is your addiction as bad as mine or worse?! (LOL ahaha!)

 Let me know down below in the comment section!  

Love always,

Mascara in the City

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