How To Revitalize Your Wardrobe For Fall.

These last two weeks I found myself clothes shopping (a little too much to be honest) because we girls never have enough clothes am I right?!  I always feel like I don’t have enough clothes, but when you look in my closet or draws I have space for nothing.  And if I’m not buying new clothes because I feel like I have none I’m buying new clothes to keep up with different outfit posts on here to show you guys.  The shopping was getting a little ridiculous, and definitely unnecessary!  I don’t need to shop to keep up with my blog or because I feel I don’t have enough clothes, and honestly I never liked shopping so who am I becoming?!  Since there is no better way to style yourself then with the clothes we already have I decided that I was going to pull apart my draws + closet to bring older, and different outfits back to life.  This week I am bringing back a shirt I found at the bottom of my shirt draw that is probably 3-4 years old that has only been worn like 3-4 times since I got it!  Check it out below!

Zipper Back Button Down High-Low Shirt $22.99

Since I bought this top such a long time ago from Charlotte Russe there was no way it was going to be still available on their website.  So I linked something similar in the same exact price range for you guys to check out.


These jeans from Nordstrom Rack are one of the items that I decided to splurge on these last few weeks.  Not because I wanted to but more because I needed too.  The last time I purchased jeans was probably 5 years ago!  I usually wear my only two favorite pairs of Forever 21 jeans I got for $10 way back when! But these jeans have been through the ringer and are starting to wear really bad so it was times for new ones!


  • Nordstrom Rack Fringe Boots $17.99

Yes! I only paid $17,99 for these adorable fringe boots so I had to buy them!!  I didn’t need them but I couldn’t pass up a good fall bargain!  I cant even believe I found such a steal on such cute booties!  Unfortunately these boots are no where to found on Nordstrom Rack’s website, but I found some comparable affordable ones down below.


These sunnies I only paid $12.99 for on Amazon and they are my fav.  These I bought way back when in May before I went to Dominican Republic for summer vacation.  I definitely got my moneys worth for these because I wear them everyday, just about! 

I want you guys to dig through your closet + draws to see what outfits you can put together with the clothing you already have!  Let me know down below or tag me on Instagram to show me what you put together!

Love always,

Mascara in the City

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