Accessories Are A Girls Best Friend 💍

Accessories have been, and will always be a girl’s best friend.  Whether it’s a ring, bracelet, watch, cute necklace, or earrings we are always wearing something!  I wear accessories when I dress up and even when I’m being a total bum.  The one accessory I have to wear everyday would be my earrings or else I feel like a little boy, LOL!   When I like a certain accessories I need to wear the same ones over and over, again.  Today I bring you my favorite accessories that I have been wearing and loving lately!  Check them out below!

I’m going to start from left to right with all my favorite accessories.

Bracelet 1:

The first bracelet on the bottom left I am in love with! (Im in love with everything here, actually! LOL)  Its a bangle bracelet with arrows on the ends, and marble in the middle!


I like to mix and match my earrings all the time!  This pair I purchased from Charlotte Russe in one of their 12 pack of earrings pack!


I received this watch for free and all I had to do was pay the shipping and handling.  I love this watch mainly because I do not own any silver watches.  I have a wood watch, and rose gold watch so this mixes up my mini collection a little bit.  I love how sleek and thin it is too!

Bracelet 2:

I love Charming Charlie so much! You can get literally lost in that store!! I first came across this store in Kansas City, and now I’ve been seeing them pop up everywhere.  Who doesn’t love a huge store that is dedicated to accessories completely?! I know I do!


I have spoken so much about these sunnies in my recent post All Time Favorite + Affordable Sunnies 🕶.  So you guys know these are my favorite and ones I have been wearing like crazy lately!


I love, love this necklace, but it just broke on me this week! (soooo upset)!  I wore this with so many different outfits! It was the perfect accessory to mix and match with too!

I would love to know what some of your favorite accessories are and do you wear them everyday?! Let me know down below in the comments! 

Love always,

Mascara in the City

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