5 Winter Skincare Essentials + GIVEAWAY 😍

Winter is coming! (Jon Snow voice)  Winter is here!  And if you live on the east coast you know exactly what I’m talking about!  Weather in NYC lately has been FREEZING, and when I mean freezing I mean our temperature has been in the single digits.  I have been feeling it my skin like I’ve never felt it before and I usually never have dry skin in the winter time.  This year I’m dry all over and my face has taken the worse of it.  After I wash my face I find myself with the most insane dry patches right under my eyes, and any moisturizer I’ve tried hasn’t worked until this!

Giveaway information below!

PCA Skin Winter Essential Kit 

This skin care set was created to beat dry skin during the harshest of winters this season and every brutal winter to come! This winter essential kit is a 5 piece set that comes with the following sample size products:

  1.  PCA Skin Facial Wash
  2. PCA Skin Hydrating Serum
  3. PCA Skin ReBalance Facial Cream
  4. PCA Skin Collagen Hydrator Facial Cream
  5. PCA Skin Hydrator Plus Broad Spectrum SPF 30

The facial wash was so light on my skin and did not dry me out like my other facial washes.  I used the hydrating serum after every wash then after that I applied one of their moisturizers.  During the day time I liked to use the hydrator plus with the SPF in it since it made sense when I went out during the day.  Then at night I would either use the collagen hydrator or re-balance facial cream.  This set really helped to put the hydration back into my face and soothe it at the same time!  My favorite part about this set it comes with the cute little travel size bag that fits them perfectly and that the whole set can be used either during the day or during the night, and they label that on the post card.

Because I loved this product so much + its great effect on my skin Ive decided that I am going to GIVEAWAY this PCA Skin Winter Essential set to THREE lucky people! YAY!  To enter this giveaway you must have Instagram!  So please click the link below to enter!


This giveaway will end next Wednesday, January 10th at 11:59 PM EST.


Check out some of the goodies up close that you can possible win from this skincare set! 

Love Always,

Mascara in the City

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PCA Skincare has sent me this product complimentary, for reviewing purposes. All opinions stated are unbiased and my own, thank you.


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