The Accessory EVERYONE Needs!

Everyone needs this accessory in their life! Without it we would be disheveled, unorganized, and probably just a complete hot mess!  I know without a wallet in my life I wouldn’t be able to find anything that I would need on hand.  Can you imagine digging through your pockets to find your debit card, or ruffling through your purse to find your cash?  NO WAY! lol

I like to change my wallets every two years or so or just when my wallet becomes so run  down you know its time for a new one.  I like a wallet with a lot of space, and that is going to keep me organized.  I like a wallet with a lot of card holders, enough room for cash, and enough space for my loose change.

This adorable taupe wallet is from Eva Leather, they have luxury designer inspired handbags at an affordable price.  This wallet has been my go to lately just for the simple fact of having that leather strap closure that gives the wallet extra security besides just the usual button.

Rosaire Harmonie Women’s Togo Leather Wallet Taupe

This wallet is made out of genuine leather from cowhide, it has 5 credit card holders, it has the space to hold cash, two additional pockets, and most important that removable change purse!! I hate when my change gets too full and your wallet doesn’t close.  I know have the luxury of taking it out when its not needed. (Such a brilliant idea!)

Im such a fan of silver so I love all the silver hardware that is included on this wallet to the zipper down to the closure.

I love how versatile this wallet is!  I can bring it along without a purse, and take it with me on the go.  It holds everything I need from my drivers license, debit card, health care card, and even my ID to be able to get into work.  I also love how affordable it is!  I have spent hundreds on wallets from designer brands like Michael Kors, and Coach but none of them have held up like this one!! It has been my new fav accessory on me at all times!

Love always,

Mascara in the City

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Eva Leather has sent me this product complimentary, for reviewing purposes. All opinions stated are unbiased and my own, thank you.



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