How Facebook Can Help You Grow Your Blog & All Social Platforms.

Doesn’t it suck when your blog doesn’t get the visitors or views that you really want?! I know it does because I have been this girl for the last 2 ½ years.  My blog struggled, and struggled when it came to engagement, and exposure.  On some days it still does but this one little trick has literally made a world of a difference!

I never thought in a million years I would be sitting here writing this today since I figured this would be a topic that everyone would just know about already.  But as I make more friends in the blogging world it seems not everyone knows how useful Facebook could actually be!  I wanted to share this with you guys because it’s been a learning experience for me and I wish someone would of told me this when I started blogging three years ago!

Facebook basically lays out the red carpet when it comes to your blog + other social platforms.  One thing that nobody told me when I started and I basically figured this out on my own was to join Facebook +

Join Facebook Groups!


I’m personally signed up to like 25+ blogging groups + I also run my own! In these groups each day there is different engagement threads like share your latest blog post, share each other’s latest blog post, use StumbleUpon to share each other blog posts, and so much more!  On some days they also do social engagement like share your Instagram, Facebook pages, Twitter, share your latest Instagram post for engagement (likes + comments).  The threads are endless…

In 2016 I had no idea about Facebook groups and my engagement was super low the lowest it’s ever been.  For the whole year I only had 3,763 views (that’s terrible).  In the beginning of 2017 is when I came across Facebook + these little hidden group gems!  My engagement in 2017 was triple what it was in 2016!  For 2017 my blog received 11,857 views (isn’t that insane in just one year?!) I couldn’t believe my eyes at the end of 2017!  See my stats below!


Just joining these groups alone has helped me make new blogging friends, (as you can see) helped increase my blog presence, increased my Instagram, and twitter presence as well.  If you are not signed up for Facebook I highly recommend it, especially right now since all the social media algorithms are all hay wire.  Now is the time to join forces, work together, and help each other through this struggle.  If you are unsure of where to start check out some of my favorite blogging Facebook Groups below:

  1. Blogging & Beyond
  2. New Bloggers Support Group
  3. Bloggers Unite on Instagram
  4. Blogging Babes & Business Bosses
  5. Beauty Bloggers Forum

These are not even a dent of groups compared to what I have on my full list.  I try to take part of these groups as much as I can throughout the day and I make sure to be really engaged when I’m present.  These are not the kind of drop a link and leave kind of groups if you decide to join.  You must be dedicated because these groups admins don’t like spammers and I cant blame them!  Don’t get discouraged by this either!  If you be yourself, and contribute as much as you can.  Just doing this will bring you success and those views to your blog we are all wanting and wishing for!

If you are already integrated in the Facebook world I would love to know what some of your favorite Facebook blogging groups?  Make sure to post the links down below I would love to check them out myself!

Thank you so much for reading Xo


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9 thoughts on “How Facebook Can Help You Grow Your Blog & All Social Platforms.

  1. Good advice girl. I joined FB blogging groups even before launching my blog. It has definitely helped a lot as I get most of my traffic from FB and Pinterest is growing too. But make no mistake thinking that it’s easy. It’s still a lot of work and time involved. I’m so happy to be part of your tribe girl. Let’s keep helping each other out ❤

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